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Muscle Salve


Summer is the time to get outside. Hiking, jogging, and playing sports are great ways to stay healthy and enjoy the good weather. But sometimes being active can make your muscles sore and fatigued. This DIY muscle salve made with essential oils is an effective and natural way to soothe those aching muscles.

Muscle Salve

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  1. In a double boiler, stir the beeswax and coconut oil over low heat until melted; then add the sweet almond oil.
  2. Cool mixture for about 5 minutes before stirring in the essential oils.
  3. Pour mixture into a glass salve jar. Mixture should become solid within an hour.
  4. Rub salve on sore muscles as needed.


  1. Just wondering why you have not included the botanical names and any precautions. This should not be used on open wounds, for children and other precautions.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing these recipes lately! I find them most valuable and useful!

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