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Addiction & Essential Oils


Addictions of every kind are increasingly common in the world today, and many are struggling to overcome them. Addiction recovery is not an easy journey; however, adding essential oils into your routine can aid you on the path to recovery. Essential oils can’t cure addictions, but they can relieve emotional pain as well as dependence, stress, and withdrawal symptoms.

In the Reference Guide for Essential Oils, addiction is defined as “an obsession, compulsion, or extreme psychological dependence that interferes with an individual’s ability or desire to function normally.” When we hear the word addiction, we tend to immediately think of alcohol and drugs, but an addiction can be a dependency on any number of things. Many addictions are simply caused by an emotional instability that forces the body to fill it with something else. Other addictions are caused by heavily addictive substances entering the body. In both cases, essential oils can help a person refrain from addictive behaviors and may even help heal the brain and body.

Essential oils are not intended as a replacement for medical attention and other rehabilitation efforts. We encourage anyone struggling with addiction to seek out support groups, consult with a medical professional, participate in recovery programs, avoid triggers, eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and distract him- or herself with other activities. Recovery is all about finding yourself, so it’s important that everyone gets the individual help that they need.

Essential oils can help one relax, which is extremely important, as stress is one of the most common triggers for addictive behavior. Oils can also help with mental clarity, lack of sleep, mood regulation, anxiety reduction, etc. Below are some oils that can be a great help on the path to addiction recovery.

Grapefruit is commonly used to help with withdrawal, depression, appetite suppression, mental stress, anorexia and bulimia, and drug addictions.

Black Pepper can be used to help with increased energy, addiction (especially to tobacco), appetite loss, and nausea.

Clove in commonly used to help with tobacco addictions (relieves desire to smoke), muscle aches and pains, metabolism balance, and nausea.

Lavender is used to relieve anxiety, increase alertness and mental clarity, treat insomnia and nausea, and relieve tension, stress, depression, and pain.

Lemon is used to increase concentration, relieve anxiety, depression, stress, and anemia, improve clarity of thought, energize, relax, and help with overeating.

Orange can be used for fear, obesity, anxiety, relaxation, and withdrawal symptoms. It is emotionally uplifting.

Peppermint is commonly used to calm breathing, increase concentration, relieve cramps, headaches, heartburn, nausea, fatigue, and muscle aches, energize, improve memory, and treat shock.

Roman Chamomile is used for anxiety, shock, soothing and clearing the mind, calming, cleansing the blood and liver, depression, insomnia, relieving stress, and promoting peace and patience.

Rosemary is used to help with alcohol addictions, muscle cramps, headaches, low blood pressure, mental fatigue, nervous exhaustion, and stress.

These are only some of the oils that can aid you on your path to addiction recovery. To learn more about essential oils for addiction, consult the Reference Guide for Essential Oils. Remember that the journey to recovery is difficult and long, but not impossible! Addiction recovery is possible if you have a strong support system and goals in place. Now go take your life back!

Source: Reference Guide for Essential Oils, 2017 Edition.


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