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Essential Oil Spotlight: Clary Sage


Clary sage essential oil is steam-distilled from the Salvia sclarea plant of the mint family. Its spicy, hay-like aroma brings a sense of calm and euphoria.

Historically, it was nicknamed “clear eyes” and was well known during the Middle Ages as a successful treatment for eye problems. It was also widely used for female complaints, inflammation, and wounds.

The French use clary sage to treat a variety of ailments, including bronchitis, cholesterol, hormonal imbalance, impotence, PMS, and weak digestion.

Clary sage may also be used for kidney disorders, cell regulation, depression, circulatory problems, insect bites, dry skin, infections, and whooping cough. It may help balance the body’s hormonal system.

It can be applied topically, diffused, or taken orally if diluted in honey or milk.

See the Reference Guide for Essential Oils to learn more about clary sage essential oil and many other pure essential oils.

Source: Reference Guide for Essential Oils, 2016 Edition, pp. 60–61.

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