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August 9, 2018
by Abundant Health™
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Baked Honey Lemon Garlic Salmon

Who doesn’t love some delicious baked salmon? You will absolutely love this sweet and savory dish. The lemon essential oil adds a wonderful extra tangy flavor. Give this recipe a try—you won’t regret it!

January 24, 2017
by Abundant Health™

Hearty Crock Pot Beef Stew

Nothing is more comforting than a hot, delicious beef stew on a cold wintry day. Try this hearty slow-cooker recipe with the added flavor and health benefits of essential oils.  

September 27, 2016
by Abundant Health™

Extra-Veggies Sloppy Joes with Basil Essential Oil

If you need a great recipe to help your kids eat a few vegetables, this is it! Now you can feel good about feeding your kids some great vegetables with added essential oil benefits in a dish they will love!

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