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Spooky Beeswax Candles



Here’s an idea we found in our archives…Enjoy!

Have some fun this Halloween with these easy spooky candle creations! Simply pack beeswax pellets around a candlewick. As the candle melts, it forms some spooktacularly cool shapes!

Spooky Candle Creations



  1. Pack white or yellow beeswax pellets around a length of candlewick, squeezing the pellets together to form the candle shape.
  2. Place the candle on a candle-safe surface.
  3. For an added aromatic touch, drop 10–15 drops of essential oil on the beeswax (away from the wick).
  4. Trim the wick so it is 1/4″ above the wax.
  5. Then light the candle and watch it change shape as it melts!

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