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We are often our own worst enemy when it comes to achieving goals and overcoming emotional struggles. Self-pity and procrastination can keep us from accomplishing our goals. Feelings of rejection, low self-esteem, and powerlessness prevent us from moving forward and reaching our highest potential. At times we clutter our lives with material things and activities that keep us busy in order to avoid self-contemplation and facing the issues within. Being busy also gives us something to blame for our lack of progress and healing. This lack of focus on what is most important can cause us to remain in a rut.

It is vital to take time for self care. Meditation, proper rest, healthy eating, and  physical activity will bring feelings of empowerment, confidence, and courage. Essential oils have many uplifting and empowering properties that may help decrease negative emotions and self-defeating behaviors.

Use essential oils in your home by diffusing them, as well as adding them to cleaning, cooking, and self-care products. Add them to carrier oils and massage into your feet, wrists, temples, or areas of concern. Enjoy a relaxing bath with epsom salt and a few drops of essential oil.

Here are some essential oils that promote positive feelings:

  • Sandalwood: increases oxygen in the pineal and pituitary glands, which improves attitude, alleviates depression, promotes acceptance of others, and opens the heart
  • Rosewood: appeases the mind, relaxes, increases peace and gentleness
  • Sage: balances hormones
  • Nutmeg: supports adrenal gland activity, increases energy
  • Patchouli: calms, aids sleep, reduces anxiety
  • Cinnamon bark: purifies, oxygenates, stimulates, is antispetic, antibacterial, and antiviral
  • Ginger: uplifts, empowers, warms, energizes, promotes love and courage

Oils such as these support the nervous system and promote emotional balance. When our bodies, minds, and emotions are empowered, we are better able to face obstacles and rise above negative emotions and false beliefs about ourselves. By decluttering our emotions and bodies of negative attitudes and toxins, we will be better able to see our personal purpose clearly and not allow other things to hold us back.

See the Reference Guide for Essential Oils to learn more about how essential oils can help you reach your full potential.

Source: Reference Guide for Essential Oils, 2017 Edition, pp. 224–25.

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