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Clean Your Kids' Toys Naturally with Essential Oils


Kids’ toys are notorious for having lots of germs! Not only are they constantly being dropped on the floor, but because babies and toddlers like to put things in their mouths, germs seem to be ever-present on toys. If you are concerned about keeping your kids’ toys cleaned, give this Toy Cleaning Spray a try!

[recipe title=”Toy Cleaning Spray” servings=”Yield=1/2 cup (120 ml)” time=”2 minutes active” difficulty=”Easy”]

Ingredients & Supplies:


  1. Fill the 4 oz. spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide. Add the lemon essential oil. Screw the lid on, and shake to combine.
  2. To use, spray the toys thoroughly. Let sit for a few minutes, then wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Note: Hydrogen peroxide can lose its effectiveness if exposed to sunlight. It is best to store your Toy Cleaning Spray in a container that will protect it from sun exposure.


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