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Essential Oil Spotlight: Fennel


Fennel essential oil is steam-distilled from the crushed leaves of the Foeniculum vulgare plant in the parsley family. Some natural properties of fennel are antiparasitic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antitoxic, diuretic, and expectorant.

Historically, the ancient Egyptians and Romans bestowed great warriors with fennel garlands to praise them for victory. Fennel was believed to enhance strength, courage, and longevity. For thousands of years it has been used to treat snakebites; stave hunger; help female reproduction, earaches, eye problems, kidney issues, and lung infection; and expel parasites.

Fennel essential oil affects the digestive and hormonal systems. Fennel is commonly used for colic, blood clots, bruises, gas, obesity, vomiting, and wrinkles. The French also use it for lactation and menopause problems as well as urinary stones.

Its scent is a sweet, spicy aroma similar to licorice. Diffusing it may increase courage, encourage purification, and stimulate sympathetic nervous system activity.

See the Reference Guide for Essential Oils to learn more about fennel oil and many other pure essential oils.

Source:  Reference Guide for Essential Oils, 2017 Edition, p. 78.

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